Information vs. Legal Advice



Court Staff Will Provide:

  • The status of a specific case, unless the case (or information in the case) is "sequestered" (not available for public inspection because of state law or a judge's decision)
  • The court file on a specific case, unless the case is "sequestered", for you to review
  • General information on court rules, procedures and practices - how to bring a matter before the court, how to comply with court requirements, what expect in a court proceeding, and what the words in court documents mean
  • Standard forms and information on how to complete them
  • Deadlines and due dates
  • Court schedules and information on how to get matters scheduled

Court Staff Will NOT:

  • Give advice about whether you should file a case or whether you should take any particular action in a case
  • Fill out a form for you or tell you what words to put in a form
  • Advise you what to say in court
  • Speculate about what decision the judge might make or what sentence the judge might impose

Remember -

    The court and its staff do not take sides in any matter coming before the court. The judge and court staff must remain impartial. If they were to give advice to one side in a court proceeding, they would no longer be impartial.

Also Remember -

    If your understanding of court rules, procedures and practices, based on your discussions with court staff, is incorrect (either because the staff gave you incorrect information or because you misunderstood the information they gave), that will not serve as an excuse for your failure to follow the law or the court's rules.