Division IX

Commisioner Cindy L. Gray





Child Support Hearing Officer

Domestic Violence Commisioner

Domestic Relations Hearing Officer

Division IX

851 Andrea Dr

Farmington, NM 87401

(505) 326-2256

Fax: (505) 326-1179



Child Support Hearing Officer for San Juan and McKinley Counties
Domestic Violence Commissioner for San Juan County
Domestic Relations Hearing Officer for San Juan County

Commissioner Cindy L. Gray was born and raised in Wyoming.  She graduated from the University of Wyoming School of Law in 1988, and move to Farmington, New Mexico soon after graduation.  She was admitted to the New Mexico bar in October  of 1988.  Except for a one year return to Wyoming in 1990, she has lived and worked in San Juan County.

She has had extensive civic and professional involvement in this community for the past 21 years.   As an attorney in private practice from 1988 until 1995, she represented clients in a variety of case types.  While working as an attorney fro DNA-Legal Services, she became the first legal services attorney to ever serve on the New Mexico State Board of Bar Commissioners.   She served as a contract attorney and guardian ad litem for the State of New Mexico representing children and  indigent respondents in abuse/neglect cases.

Commissioner Gray was hired for a part-time position as Domestic Violence Commissioner in February, 2003, and then for the current full-time position in July, 2003.  She hears child support cases in both San Juan and McKinley counties.  She also hears domestic violence and domestic relations cases in San Juan county.  She is a commissioner on the State’s Civil Legal Services Commission.  She also co-ordinates or serves on several committees including the Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Task force, the Attorney General’s Domestic Violence Task Force, the San Juan County Pro Bono Committee, the State Domestic Relations Task Force, and a local Domestic Relations Bench-Bar group.  In the past, she has served as a commissioner on the State Board of Bar Commissioners and as the president of the San Juan County Bar Association.

    Cindy is married to Walt Gray.  They make their home just out of town on enough land for Cindy to have the garden she enjoys and Walt the wood shop he enjoys.  They are active in their church - serving in several positions.  Cindy has been active in a number of community and civic organizations.